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Meanwhile let’s get acquainted …

Must have been somewhere in the mid nineties when I walked in at my neighbor while he was frantically typing on his laptop and I asked him …

Hey man, what are you working on …?

Yo bro, I’m creating a website …

Cool ! Can you show me how it’s done …?

Sure, just right-click and view source …

So when I got home I did and started breaking down the countless puzzling lines bit by bit, figuring out what was going on, and I discovered HTML.

<!–with its almost human like head and body–>
<html><head>the brains</head><body>the muscles</body></html>

Then my ongoing curiosity made me learn about CSS and how to turn the muscles into a six pack as well as how to show them off on mobile devices with media queries and /*custom css*/.

From the days back then, when I started creating my own website by writing the lines of code by hand in Notepad, over the years many things changed in HTML and CSS as well in the way we create our websites today.

With the stumbling upon WordPress, the free and open source content managements system, and then Divi, the extensive visual page and theme builder, allowing us to create pixel perfect layouts with less effort, life became so much easier.

How about you? Who or what took you here? Need to know more? What can I help you with?

Feel free to drop me a line!

In english, en fran├žais, of in het nederlands.

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